Monday, July 11, 2011

When life turn upside down

Yaa-Haa T.T


Miserable at best. Sometime our life turn suck or bad. Why? Because everyday we rolling the wheel. Sometime we at top, sometime we at low level of our life. But who really really cares about us than we are.

Everyday we face the problem that never stop coming for us. Sometime they come with massive amount and left us in great feeling of frustration. At that moment we feel likes lives in upside down world. Damn.

My friend said,
when people walk away from you. let them go. it just means their part in your story is over. (Byha Rahim,2011)
Yeah, maybe she right. Sometime we didn't deserve or get what we actually wants. Its very disappointing when we actually failed to satisfy our needs and wants. But we can't prevent it happen. Oh god, shit always happen.


My friend, she got criticism from her boyfriend's friends. You know how feel when she alone have to stand and just listen all the shit throw to her. Its suck. I impressed the way she handle herself. She very calm and cool even though she crying alone at home.


 Dear new friend,
 I am sorry about last night. Truthfully sorry. The way you talk to me seems you didn't like me so much. Its okay. I got it even it hard to accept. Sorry for not impress you like what you impress me with your own style. You one in a million. I wonder if you could forgive me...

Oh god, you're right. I'm suck. I'm nothing.

I'm nothing........

p/s : every part is another story, not the same story.
p/s : in great feeling of frustration now

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