Sunday, March 11, 2012

He's your everything

One night, got an unexpected call from the person I never met her again. She ask me about 'that girl'. When I said I love 'that girl'. She hang up the phone.

Tomorrow, she declare her relationship with other guy. Handsome and quite attractive guy.

One unexpected conversation occur in twitter via direct message. She told me she wait for me too long. Just before I'm with Miss F. She sick.

What The Fuck!

I didn't see your effort. Now she with other guy. One day away from I dump her. 

You're just like me. Having many option. Too much to grab but wise decision, you got the best from the best. Congratulations! 

I'm happy for you.

Be nice with him.

He's your strength.

He's your soul.

He's your love.

He's your everything.

Have a nice moment with him.


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